Have you ever thought that you could only just need one device in the not too distant future….

With the constant evolution in technology it is no surprise to see that what were once considered to be quite separate types of systems are likely to blur in the future and a good example of this is the current idea of mobile technology being viewed as distinct to desktop.

I mean, wouldn’t it be great if the only thing that you ever needed as you went from home to work and work to home was your “mobile” device and no longer would you need to drag around laptops/notebooks? As a recruitment agency owner there’s generally a range of technology that you have to provide your staff and in most cases it usually means multiple devices such as mobiles, desktops and laptops.

Two products that start to blur the line between mobile and desktop are the Samsung Dex Station and the Dex Pad and we recently bought one to test out.

Samsung DeX Station


Samsung DeX Pad

Being Samsung products they only work with Samsung phones and in our case we tested it with a Samsung Note 8 (you can use Note 9 and S9 phones as well). We tested out the DeX Pad (cost approx $140 AUD) and were quite excited to get it in the post. Setting it up is straightforward, the DeX Pad comes with a USB C power source, has a HDMI port (and cable provided) and two USB ports. We plugged in a monitor, also used one of the USB ports for a wireless Keyboard and Mouse, then clicked in a mobile and ‘voila’ DeX boots up instantly.


Using RecruitOnline on a Samsung DeX Pad



We tested it for a couple of weeks and were very impressed. The speed of the device was excellent and had no issues in having a number of pages loaded at the same time or a number of different active apps and as we worked it was easy to forget that it was all happening on a phone and not a desktop. Programs/SaaS systems that we used included;

  • RecruitOnline
  • PinvoiceR
  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Outlook
  • Office 365 (has been specifically modified to suit DeX)
  • Xero
  • Goto Meeting – used the Android App just fine to do an online demo
  • Online Banking

Something that we found quite useful was with SMS/TXT messages. Basically the messages would come through as you’d normally expect but having a full keyboard and mouse at the ready it seemed to add something extra to the whole SMS/TXTing process.

Overall it was a good experience and potentially you could actually run your recruitment business on a mobile…..

There were some glitches (eg to get the Gmail Desktop experience that you may be familiar with is possible but does involve playing around with browser settings such as “use desktop site” and then Gmail desktop settings. That said, the standard Gmail experience was good – the Google Docs (eg Docs & Sheets) were not as good and the Microsoft versions (Word & Excel) were much better. Another issue is that at the moment there is not dual monitor support for the DeX system – likely that will change at some stage though.

Of course, there are peripheral type costs to add in when comparing – eg Mouse, Keyboard & Monitor but you’d probably be getting these anyway. Also, you may need to duplicate these costs if someone wanted to work from home using their mobile – but they may just have a computer there already so not an issue as they could take the DeX pad with them.

For a start up business, the idea that you are able to get a phone on a plan (eg $50 a month – which you were going to do anyway), plus the Dex Pad ($140), monitor, keyboard and mouse could be a quite compelling way to provide systems to you and your staff.


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