In any business it is prudent to manage the risks associated in running it and to put in place policies and procedures that assist in reducing exposure to those risks.

In thinking about your business it is worth considering how you will mitigate these risks. The following is a list of some of the things you may wish to implement;

  • Setting up terms and conditions of business for your clients – in doing these it would be prudent to run the terms and conditions past your business insurer to ensure that they are willing to insure your business based on the contracts that you have in place.
  • Obtain business insurance (eg Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Workers Compensation, etc) – note here some of your clients may insist on a minimum value of insurance cover that you need in order to supply them
  • Put in place relevant contractual agreements with your Temporary/On-Hire/Contract staff
  • Develop a Policy & Procedures Manual
  • Have privacy policies and processes that meet local and international requirements (eg GDPR)
  • Ensure that you have the relevant licence approval needed for your business (for example there are many places where you need to have a licence to operate – eg Qld Australia, Singapore, British Columbia, etc)
  • Credit application and approval process
  • Comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety processes and policies – that cover Clients, Temps/Contractors and Internal Staff
  • Have processes to manage costs and claims associated with workplace injuries

Join a Recruitment/Staffing Industry Association

One way to get help with the sort of things that you need to manage, keep on top of changes in the industry (and also to potentially get involved in shaping the industry) is to join a recruitment/staffing industry association.

There are many types so depending on where your business and which sector(s) you operate in you should be able to find one that suits. You may be best to do a search but the following list could help;

Australia & New Zealand



United Kingdom & Ireland

United States